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See you in the darkest night † Angel of Dark † the fallen guardian of light forever

~†~ Gone ~†~

entstanden 2002

You were my best friend
But only for a short period of time
You helped me
You caught me when I was falling
And so did I
We told each other everything
And I fell in love with you
All the others said
I should be aware of you
You didn't have the same feelings for me
But you still held me
You were always there for me
And so was I
But then...
Later on...
You fell silent
I didn't know why
I didn' care
I thought you went on
I thought you had new friends
But I didn't know you had those serious problems
So you decided to kill yourself
I didn't understand...I couldn't understand
I wasn't there for you
this moment...
And I hate me for all of my life for this
I cried many bitter tears
But fortunately it didn't work..
You were still alive
Badly injured but alive
But you had changed
Silent, locked
I didn't know how to react
No thoughts anymore
to tell me
And then...
You've gone out of my life
You're in my thoughts
And I miss you still
I've made everything wrong
But I miss you
Don't know whether you're dead or alive
Wish I could turn back the time
Miss you...
I can't turn back the time
Now I know you're dead
You'll always be in my heart
Death is not the end, my friend
I miss you forever...
Rest in peace

für Martin[?]
~AngelOfDark ()~

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